“Label Bougie is a family history that begins in 2016 around the world of perfume and design”.


Our history

Label Bougie was founded in 2016 by Clémence and Mathilde, two sisters passionate about the world of perfume and design. From their respective experiences in the major perfume and fashion houses, they kept the exigence of quality and beauty for products, as well as the best craftsmen. Glassmakers, waxers and perfumers dedicate all their passion and their know-how to the realization of our candles.

The candles are produced in France with the greatest care, from the natural cotton wick to the vegetable wax perfumed by the best fragrances of Grasse. Deeply rooted in the search for a lifestyle, each collection is based on artistic and emotional inspirations to tell a story.

“We do responsible design by developing creative objects that make sense, because of their French manufacturing and the quality components we choose to use”.


Our expertise

Label Bougie has made the choice to create natural and healthy candles for your interiors. These are produced with 100% vegetable soy and coconut wax, guaranteed without GMO. This wax allows an ideal restitution of the perfume and offers a longer duration of burning thanks to its very low burning point. Our perfumes are produced in Grasse, cradle of the French perfumery. The quality of our fragrances allows them to spread both hot and cold.

“What counts for us is to stoke curiosity by the look, then to create the emotion by the perfume”.


Our mission

Imagine contemporary and inspiring perfumed objects. Create a real atmosphere and awaken the senses, with the decoration and surprise by the perfume. Each season, we create new exclusive motifs. These are the fruit of Mathilde’s imagination, who is inspired by trends and its fantasy and colorful universe. Thus, we realize our scented candles from the drawing to the packaging with a permanent control of all the production stages. This allows Label Bougie to offer you quality products with an original and unique design. Each of our candles is an invitation to poetry and scented pleasure.

“Every customer has a story about a smell, we love to find out what their Proust madeleines are.”

“We seek to promote the best of French know-how and follow the development of our products in order to guarantee a very good quality at the right price”.

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