Cosmopolitan and resplendent, Jeanne personnifies the eternal youth promise. Between gentleness and greed, her heart hesitates. A soft mix of green freshly cut pear makes smooth and fruity hints of freesia sublime. Unfettered, always chic, she’s at ease with her singular style with the necessary detachment. At her side, amber becomes the most precious perfume.

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  • Scented candle in 100% vegetable wax of soy and coconut.
  • Produced in France with Grasse perfume.
  • 100% cotton wick.
  • Burning time: 45 h

Safety instructions :

Use the candle for 2 hours during the first use to prevent it from digging. Cut the wick regularly and make sure it is centered so that it burns properly.

Legal Notice :

Caution : Read the label before use. Keep out of reach of children. Can cause cutaneous allergy.

If case of skin contact : Wash with plenty of soap and water. If skin irritation or rash occurs : Get medical attention. In case of consultation with a doctor, keep the container or label at disposal. Harmful to aquatic life, causes long-term effects.